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Yesterday, I shared a list of genealogy software programs that might be possible replacements for the almost defunct Family Tree Maker. I included some basic information about seven programs, along with a link to the company websites and an online review posted earlier this year.

If you are a visual learner, like I am, I started looking for virtual tours of each program. Here is what I found:

Ancestral Questan 18 minute introduction.  More can be found on YouTube. Windows and Mac

Brother’s Keeper – no videos found on the website or on YouTube, but the website has several sample images and a list of features. Windows only.

Family Historianabout a 15 minute introduction and the website indicates that more videos are available on YouTube. Windows only.

Heredis –  There are also videos in English and French easily found on YouTube. Windows and Mac.

Legacya 5 minute video introducing Legacy 8 is on their website, but there are many Legacy software videos on YouTube. Windows only, although apparently there might be a bridge to enable Macs.

RootsMagic – I didn’t see a video introduction on the website, but there is a link to RootsMagicTV on YouTube, which features lots of videos about the product. Windows and Mac.

My list was meant to be in ABC order, but since Reunion is the one and only Mac-only product, I have separated it from the list:

Reunion – Mac only, the website has several videos, including What is Reunion? YouTube also has a few videos.

Be an informed consumer! Check out each program to see which is the best fit for your own needs and preferences. The only genealogists who should feel rushed are the ones who only use to build their family trees. If you are one of those people and don’t own Family Tree Maker, you need to purchase it before 31 December 2015 so that you can sync your online tree into software. Be aware that a GEDCOM created directly from an family tree will NOT include images attached to the Ancestry tree.



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