Family Historian 6, Mapping Feature

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Today, I will be taking a look at the Mapping feature. I had a particular ancestor in mind, for two reasons,  to test out this feature. Hans Samuel Molin is a collateral ancestor, a half brother of my 4x great grandfather, Hans Niclas Molin. Hans Samuel moved a lot – and I do mean a lot – and he lived in Sweden. I wanted to see if Family Historian could identify all the villages and cities where he lived and map them for me. First, I needed to add him into my skeletal practice tree. Next, I needed to enter all the places in which he lived. I did that by clicking on the Facts tab in the Property Box.

Facts Tab, Top Right

When I clicked on the green + tab, a menu appeared and I chose “Residence,” Then I simply added a new residence fact for the many places in which he lived.

Now I’m ready to try out Mapping his residences. It’s easy to find the Mapping button. It’s the image of a push pin that so many online maps now use to identify a map location and it’s found along the top of the tool bar in the Focus Window.

Push Pin for Mapping

I clicked on the Mapping button and three choices appeared: Map All Places, Map All Places for Hans Samuel Molin or Map Places for All Individuals. I chose mapping for Hans Samuel and a world map appeared. I zoomed into Sweden:

Swedish Homes of Hans Samuel Molin

Twelve out of eighteen of the residences in the list appeared on the map. However, I am very impressed because many of these tiny parishes today are considered part of a larger town or city. I could have updated his residence list to reflect that and they would all then appear on this map. As you can see, he moved around just a little bit.

I still don’t have a single negative comment to make about this program. I’m loving everything about it. More to come, as I still haven’t tried out the source citation features.

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