Family Historian 6, Support Bells and Whistles

There are still more posts coming on using various features in Family Historian 6, but aside from software, I am looking for support from my new software of choice for all my genealogical data.

Because I had never even heard of Family Historian software before last week, I started looking online for support information. Being a visual learner, I hoped to find videos, a user manual, a forum to ask questions as I was learning this new program.

What did I find? Well, I found more than I ever expected. My first stop was the public website.

Family Historian Software

The tabs along the top right provided access to the video tour, along with FAQs, what’s new in FH 6 and information about the Family Historian bulletins, to which I subscribed.

There is also a link to FHUG – Family Historian Users Group, which I have already joined.


What is to be found behind the member wall in FHUG? More than I can accurately describe. Front and center is a “Latest News” menu. Beyond that, there is everything from a robust forum with every type of question and comment from “How do I. . . ” to “I’ve just designed a new plug-in that does. . . .” Yes, Family Historian has quite a few plug-ins created by volunteers and vetted by Family Historian to add extra features to the FH software program.

A PDF of the users’ manual is found in this area, along with links to “How to” tutorials, both video and page versions, links to member websites, a long list of plug-ins currently available (free) and a pile of utilities and services that help with genealogy projects.

It will be quite a while before I’ve made my way through all the offerings, as each category contains many links to yet more information. However, it is well labeled so I won’t be wandering through how to create a GEDCOM when I want to know how to cite a source.

There are a number of user groups online for most of the genealogy software programs. Family Historian seems to keep its focus centered on this home site, which is kind of nice. It isn’t necessary to troll social media to find access to ancillary user groups.

What each Family Historian user needs is neatly compartmentalized in one spot, FHUG, found on the Family Historian website.

As Jane Taubman of Family Historian has said, this program is simple enough for a beginner to use, but is sophisticated enough for advanced researchers who are looking to customize their software and tailor it to their own needs.

There is more and more that I am discovering about Family Historian that is pulling me towards making it my first stop software program.

If you are using/have used Family  Historian and can add to the bare bones description that I have given in this post, please leave a comment.

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