Christmas Greetings From a Century Gone By

One of the things I like to collect are vintage items from the holidays. Here are two postcards from long ago, both in my personal collection.

The first is undated, but from the 1910-1920 time period and probably printed during World War I:

Christmas Card 4
Christmas, circa World War I

I always try to find a record of the person sending or receiving postcards, but this postcard was never mailed and is only inscribed “to Lewis Stuart a Merry Xmas” with no sender’s name, so I guess exactly which Lewis Stuart was the intended recipient will never be known.

The second postcard is also from wartime United States, but this card is clearly dated on the front ” 1943 *   Christmas Greetings *1944.”

Christmas Card 2
World War II Vintage

This card not only was never mailed, it is not even inscribed on the back at all.

This year, be sure to remember all of our military personnel serving in a dangerous world. Their lives are on the line every day as they defend the United States and our freedoms.

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