Top Five Faces With No Names

Since I’ve shared my top ten favorite family photos and am still thinking about old pictures, I would like to share five more photos from my collection that depict faces with no names and few clues except how I came to own them.

1. Here is a handsome young man in not one, but two, photos in my collection. There are no photographer’s markings, but I believe he may be related to the family of John Henry Stufflebean in some way. From the photo styles and the young man’s clothing, I think these date from around 1910.

StufflebeanUnknownMale      StufflebeanUnknownMale3

2. Dave’s mom Ruby said one of these men was her grandfather, Clayton Columbus Nation, who was born in 1872 and died in 1922, when Ruby was only three so she didn’t remember him at all. Neither man closely resembles any of her brothers, but of the two, I would say Clay Nation was the man on the right. I am hoping a distant cousin might see this and know for sure.


3. This is a tintype photo from the collection of Vera Pearl Adams who married Perce Chadwick. They grew up in Calais, Washington, Maine. I think this man resembles Benjamin Shattuck, who married Nellie Tarbox’s aunt, Lucretia Scripture, in 1858. This might even be Benjamin himself. Any Shattuck descendants out there who might be able to confirm this?


4. This is another tintype of a very fashionable young lady, photographed probably in the early 1870’s. This was also in Vera Pearl Adams’ collection and I don’t think she resembles anyone in the family, but likely was someone who lived around Calais, Maine.


5. This family photo is actually inscribed “To Minnie, Our Place,” but that sure doesn’t help identify the family. Minnie lived in several places in Oklahoma and Texas, which makes it hard to even place where this house was.


 These faces belong to somebody’s family. I hope one day they find their way back home.

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