Siblings Marrying Siblings

There are nearly 8,000 in my family tree. I have frequently come across people with the same surnames marrying others whose surnames matched, hinting that there might be quite a few siblings who then later married siblings.

I decided to take a closer look and guess what I found? Yes, I did discover siblings marrying siblings. How many pairs? Well, I’ll get to that in a minute. I also discovered several other scenarios with these shared surnames. There were widowed parents marrying a widow/er who was their child’s father- or mother-in-law. There were siblings who married cousins with the same surname and there were families who intermarried through two or three generations, like my Shepleys and Lakins, producing grandparents-in-law, aunts- and uncles-in-law and so on where a person was related both by blood and by marriage.

So how many pairs of siblings marrying siblings did I actually identify? Surprisingly, I could find only five instances where siblings later married siblings and, of those five pairs(ten couples), I am only directly descended from two of the couples, one couple from each of just two pairs.

Here are my siblings marrying siblings:

1. Ebenezer Batchelder married Sarah Tarbox & his brother, John Batchelder, married Hannah Tarbox. Technically, Sarah and Hannah were half sisters. Their father was Samuel Tarbox, but Sarah’s mother was Rebecca and Hannah was a child of his second wife, Experience.

John and Ebenezer were sons of John Batchelder and his wife, Sarah Goodale. They lived in Wenham, Essex, Massachusetts.

John Batchelder was born 13 January 1667 and died on 10 January 1754. He married Hannah Tarbox on 28 November 1702. All events took place in Wenham. Hannah was born on 12 March 1681 in Lynn, MA and died on 1 July 1718 in Wenham, MA.

Ebenezer Batchelder was born 19 October 1673 and died on 24 August 1747. He married Sarah Tarbox on 15 December 1699. All events took place in Wenham. Sarah was born on 15 October 1674, Lynn, MA and is likely the widow Sarah, who died on 30 September 1757 in Wenham, MA.

2. Israel Hicks married Abigail Carlisle and his brother, Ira Hicks, married Mary Carlisle.

Israel and Abigail Carlisle Hicks are my 3x great grandparents.

Israel and Ira Hicks were the sons of Ira Hicks and Sarah Thornton of New Brunswick, Canada. They were pre-Loyalists who left Rhode Island for Canada in the 1760’s.

Abigail and Mary Carlisle were daughters of Loyalist Robert Carlisle and his wife, Catherine.

Israel Hicks was born about 1785 in New Brunswick, Canada. He died before 9 December 1835, in Buctouche, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada. Israel married Abigail Carlisle on 9 March 1819 in Shediac, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada. Abigail was born about 1793 and died on 27 March 1871 in Meddybemps, Washington, Maine.

Ira Hicks was born about 1790 in New Brunswick, Canada. He died on 17 June 1857 in McKees Mills, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada. Ira married Mary Carlisle on 26 October 1819 in Wellington, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada. She was born about 1790 and died after 1871.

3. Johan Magnus Krok/Krook married Christina Akerberg and his brother, Jons Jacob, married Catharina Akerberg.

Jons Jacob and Johan Magnus Krok/Krook were sons of Hans Krok/Krook and his wife, Catharina Maria Bager of Skane County, Sweden.

Jons Jacob Krok was born on 3 September 1756, Bonderup, Skane, Sweden. He married Catharina Akerberg on 8 February 1788 in Everlov, Skane, Sweden.

Johan Magnus Krok was born on 27 May 1760, Bonderup, Skane, Sweden. He married Christina Akerberg on 19 October 1787 in Everlov, Skane, Sweden.

No further information has been found for Jons Jacob and his wife, Catharina.

Johan Magnus is said to have died in 1838 in Dalby, Skane, Sweden, but that hasn’t been confirmed. Christina was buried on 5 August 1794, aged 32, in Everlov, Skane, Sweden.

Catharina and Christina Akerborg were daughters of “Inspector” Akerberg, who lived a couple of doors away from Johan Magnus and Christina.

The baptismal records of Everlov don’t begin until 1768, so if the Akerberg sisters were born there, there is no surviving record of their baptisms and/or births.

4. Ebenezer Parsons married Lydia Haskell and his borther, Nathaniel Parsons, married Abigail Haskell.

Ebenezer Parsons and his brother, Nathaniel, were sons of Jeffrey Parsons and Sarah Vincent of Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts.

Lydia and Abigail Haskell were daughters of William Haskell and hiw wife, Mary Browne, also of Gloucester, MA.

Ebenezer and Lydia Haskell Parsons are my 7x great grandparents.

Ebenezer Parsons was born on 28 January 1682 and died on 19 December 1763.  He married Lydia Haskell, born on 4 September 1781 and died on 2 October 1734, on 3 February 1704. All events took place in Gloucester, MA.

Nathaniel Parsons was born on 16 March 1675 and died on 21 May 1722, aged 47 years old, of smallpox. He married Abigail Haskell on 27 December 1697. Abigail was born on 2 March 1676. All events too place in Gloucester.

Abigail married (2) Capt. Isaac Eveleth on 20 December 1722 in Gloucester, MA. Isaac died in 1746 in Virginia, recorded in Gloucester deaths, but no mention is made of Abigail’s death.

5. This last sibling pairing is a little more complicated. Ezra Morrill married Ruth S. Coleman, the daughter of Joseph Coleman and his second wife, Hannah (maiden name unknown) of Richmond, Sagadahoc, Maine.

Two of the Morrill children were Sewell Franklin and Charles Augustus Morrill. They married Coleman sisters, who were the daughters of Philip B. and Rachel Sedgley Coleman. However, Philip was the half brother of Ruth S. Coleman, their mother. Philip’s parents were Joseph Coleman and his first wife, Ruth Spur.

Sewell Franklin Morrill married Susan Cary Coleman and his brother, Charles Augustus, married Emma Louise Coleman.

Sewell Franklin Morrill was born on 15 June 1835 in Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts and died on 1 July 1912 in Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts. He married Susan Cary Coleman on 3 April 1865 in Seabrook, Rockingham, New Hampshire. Susan was born 14 February 1837, Richmond, Sagadahoc, Maine and died on 6 September 1914, Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts.

Charles Augustus Morrill was born on 28 November 1846, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts. His death date has not been found, but he likely died before 4 July 1873, when his wife married (2) Charles E. Elkins. Charles married Emma Louise Coleman on 6 March 1867, in Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts. Emma was born on 22 January 1841 in Richmond, Sagadahoc, Maine and died on 6 December 1881 in south Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts.

There you have it, my five pairs of siblings marrying siblings. This was an interesting learning experience for me because with all the duplicated surnames, I thought I had many more of these pairings in my family tree. How many sibling pairs do you have in your tree?



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