Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Post Card
1911 postcard in my personal collection

Here are some fun facts about our Thanksgiving holiday:

  1. Although traditional American history states that the first Thanksgiving (celebrating a bountiful harvest) occurred in Plymouth, Massachusetts when Governor William Bradford invited the Wampanoag Indians to share in the feast, some historians claim that early settlers in Florida and/or Virginia might have beaten the Pilgrims to hosting the first Thanksgiving in America.
  2. Benjamin Franklin wanted the national bird to be the turkey.
  3. Sarah Josepha Hale, author of “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” promoted the idea of a national Thanksgiving Day beginning in 1837 and continued to promote it until President Lincoln agreed to it in 1863.
  4. During Abraham Lincoln’s presidency, Americans began celebrating an annual Thanksgiving Day on the last Thursday of November.
  5. In 1939, 1940 and 1941, Americans celebrated Thanksgiving on the third Thursday of November instead of the fourth Thursday to lengthen the Christmas holiday shopping season.
  6. It wasn’t until 26 December 1941 that President Roosevelt proclaimed the fourth Thursday in November to be Thanksgiving Day.
  7. The heaviest turkey ever raised weighed 86 lbs.
  8. Three towns in the U.S. were named for the turkey – Turkey, Texas, Turkey, North Carolina and Turkey Creek, Louisiana.
  9. The traditional Macy’s Christmas Parade held in New York City on Thanksgiving Day began in 1924. The annual Christmas season started when Santa Claus appeared in the parade. (Oh, how I wish that were still true!)
  10. Turducken is growing in popularity as a Thanksgiving meal. What is turducken? It is a de-boned turkey stuffed with  de-boned duck stuffed with de-boned chicken. This dish has its origins in Louisiana.

However you are spending Thanksgiving Day, enjoy!

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