Passaic Day Nursery, 1892-2015

I always seem to feel the need to jump back and delve into more of the history of Passaic, New Jersey.

The Passaic Day Nursery was created in 1892 to provide child care services for families living nearby. I often check eBay for genealogically related items and recently I bought a 1912 postcard of the Passaic Day Nursery building at 104 Jefferson Street. It caught my eye because my brother went to pre-school there for a short time in the 1950’s.

Passaic Day Nursery Postcard from Julia to Margarete 1912
Passaic Day Nursery, 1912

This building was actually already five years old back in 1912, so it would be 108 years old if still standing today. Although I live in Arizona, Google maps makes it very easy to check on that.

Not only is the building still there, but it looks very much the same as it did in 1912, minus the shutters on the windows. It also looks like some of the ample sidewalk around the building have been cut back to allow for street widening and the building which stood to the left is long gone.

I was even more amazed when looked at the sign over the entryway on the left side of this picture.

Children’s Day Nursery and Family Center

The Day Nursery is still there! I have some old phone books for 1950’s Passaic, so I looked up their number – PR7-5544. Another shock – when I looked for them on line, their phone number is still the same!

That led me to my good deed for the day. I spoke with the nursery director and offered to share my 1912 digital image. She was happy to accept and the image was sent on its way.

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