Jons Bager & Sara Prytz

This is becoming a bit of an international spree with posts about Swedish and Canadian roots for the last few days.

Today’s post is about the family of Catharina Maria Bager, one of the subjects of my post from two days ago.

I am hoping that because my Swedish family ties had few patronymic surnames and some much less common surnames that perhaps I will find some new cousins out there.

No birth or baptismal record has been found yet for Jons Bager, so I don’t know the names of his parents. However, he was about 35 years old when he was buried on 24 July 1733 in Dalby, Skane, Sweden, so he was born about 1698.

Jons married Sara Prytz on 22 August 1726, also in Dalby. Sara was baptized on 22 May 1704, again in Dalby, and was the daughter of Peter Prytz and Cecilia Petersdotter. Sara was buried on 7 February 1769 in Dalby.

Jons and Sara had three children born to them, but only one survived long past infancy.

1. Hans Peter, baptized 13 May 1727, Dalby, Skane, Sweden. Hans Peter was buried on 17 March 1728, aged ten months old, in Dalby.
2. Catharina Maria, baptized 31 January 1729, Dalby, Skane, Sweden and was buried on 17 November 1784 in Veberod, Skane, Sweden. Catharina married Hans Krook on 13 September 1749 in Dalby. This family was the subject of my 1 October 2015 blog post.
3. Cecilia Sophia, baptized 6 January 1731 and was buried on 29 August 1731, both in Dalby, Skane, Sweden.

Jons Bager was an innkeeper and likely worked with/for Peter Prytz, Sara’s father. No cause of death was given in his burial record. Like the Krok/Krook family, the Bagers and the Prytz family would be considered socially above the typical population of their time. However,  while they were economically much better off than others, they were not nobility.

Jons left his young widow Sara and his lone surviving child, Catharina Maria, when he died. Sara waited through the customary mourning period and, one year and a few days later, on 5 July 1734, she married Eric Wickman in Dalby.

Eric was an inspector, so was of an appropriate social class for Sara. He was born about 1704, but, as with Jons, no birth or baptismal record has yet been located for him so his parents are unknown. Sara was widowed a second time when Erik died and was buried on 17 March 1756 in Dalby.

Eric and Sara had three children of their own, two of whom apparently survived to adulthood.

1. Peter, baptized 2 May 1735, Dalby, Skane, Sweden. No burial record has been found for Peter, but I have not been able to trace his whereabouts after birth.
2. Lena, baptized 15 September 1738 and buried on 15 May 1740, both in Dalby, Skane, Sweden.
3. Lena, baptized 22 September 1741 in Dalby. She reportedly married Nils Brack/Brock and died in 1794, but, if true, neither her marriage nor her burial records are in the Dalby church books. However, their daughter Helena Sara was born in Dalby on 17 February 1772. No further records have been found for them.

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