DearMYRTLE’s Share A Memory Contest 2015

Here is my 2015 entry to DearMYRTLE’s 2015 Share a Memory contest. Last year, I did a blog post. This year, I looked around for a simple storytelling site to develop a presentation about my grandfather, Vernon Tarbox Adams, but nothing jumped out at me and I settled for using Powerpoint.

The next generation is starting to show the tiniest bit of interest in their family history so I am hoping that Powerpoint is a technology that will interest and introduce them to their great grandfather, who was a wonderful man.

The presentation will open if you click on the link. Then choose “Slide Show” and “View Show.” The slides will advance automatically every 15 seconds.

The PPT can also be viewed on Google Drive.

Thank you for visiting.


One thought on “DearMYRTLE’s Share A Memory Contest 2015”

  1. Dear Linda,
    Can you consider uploading your PowerPoint to SLIDE SHARE or Google Drive? I want people to see your slide, and most will not download a file from someone they don’t yet know.
    Myrt 🙂

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