Winnipesaukee Summer Fun All Done

I spent many summers with family on Spindle Point on Lake Winnipesaukee. Labor Day weekend was always somewhat bittersweet, as the cottage was closed down for the season and we headed home to school. Back in those days, school always opened the Tuesday after Labor Day.

Through the years, I’ve collected some postcards with vintage views of places I remember from my childhood. Lighthouse Point, located at the tip of Spindle Point, is a well-known landmark on the lake.

The Lighthouse, 1910-1920

Cummings Cove partly borders Lighthouse Point, on the side that faces away from The Weirs. Even when I was growing up, there were a lot of cottages in Cummings Cove, but I love this postcard view I found that dates from the early 20th century:

Cummings Cove, Early 20th Century

Leaves start to turn on the trees in late August, so when we were packed up and driving away from the lake, that view might be the last we saw of the lake until the following summer.

A good time was always had by all and we always looked forward to returning the next summer.

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