Shadrach Monk & Mary Roberts

On 5 October 1829, the heirs of Cornelius Roberts filed a land deed in Russell County, Virginia (8:234-235) that clearly named the children of Shadrach and the deceased Mary Roberts Monk, as they inherited in the right of their deceased mother. I posted this deed several days ago when I wrote about Cornelius Roberts and his children.


No vital records have been locating for this family, but census records help to estimate birth years and ages.

Shadrach Monk was likely born about 1760 or a year or two later than that. Mary Roberts was likely born about 1768 or a little before. They married about 1783, probably in Virginia, but the Roberts had ties in North Carolina, too.

All of Shadrach’s and Mary’s children lived in Lee County, Virginia on 5 October 1829, except for Rhoda Monk Riddle and husband Joseph, who lived in Tennessee, county not stated.


1. Rhoda, born about 1784; died after 1856, probably in Cumberland County, KY. She married Joseph Riddle about 1799. He was the son of William Riddle, the Tory likely hung by Patriots in Montgomery County, Virginia. They lived in Tennessee on 5 October 1829, but had migrated to Cumberland County, Kentucky by the 1830 census.
2. John, born about 1786. He is listed in the 1829 land deed and is likely the John Monk living in Hawkins County, Tennessee by the 1830 census. He reportedly married Nancy Rogers.
3. Margaret (Peggy), born about 1788.  She married Jesse Gibson (his first name is omitted in the 1829 land deed) and she died before 1850.
4. Biddy (Obedience), born about 1790 and died after 5 October 1829. She is named as Biddy Smith, but no husband is name so Mr. Smith may have died before 1829.
5. Elizabeth (Betsey), born about 1792. She married Holt Colley. He has not been found in the 1830 census, but some family trees show him as George Holt Colley. His last name can be spelled a variety of ways, too.
6. Ezekiel, born about 1795. He reportedly married Frances Perryman and died after 1880, probably in Barren County, Kentucky.
7. Mary (Polly), born about 1798; unmarried on 5 October 1829.
9. Amelia (Milly), born about 1802; unmarried on 5 October 1829.

I have seen Susannah, wife of John Coop, who died in 1879 in Cumberland County, Kentucky listed as a child of Shadrach Monk and Mary Roberts, but I believe this to be wrong since Susannah is not listed in the 1829 land deed with the other Monk children.


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  1. There is alot of conflicting information regarding Susannah’s mother and father, I am one of her descendants. When I first started my research a lot of it indicated that she was originally from England but now I am finding she was born in Virginia. My search is for our ancestors who hail from England. Please help!

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