A Second Mystery Photo Identified!

Yesterday, I shared a newly ID’d photo of children of Myrtle Stufflebean Baker. I was able to identify the girls because I found the same photo and a similar photo of ones I already own. These pictures were posted on someone else’s online family tree.

I continued searching various Stufflebean tree branches and was able to identify the children in this photo, too:

Loretta May & Noble Richard Stufflebean

Noble and Loretta were the children of James Herman Stufflebean and his wife, Anna Belle Riggs. Noble was born 7 November 1910 in Noble, Cleveland, Oklahoma. Loretta followed two years later on 6 July 1912.

Noble passed away on 23 February 1997; Loretta died on 22 July 1987, both in Oklahoma.

However, I have contacted the tree owner and hope to reconnect with some of my husband’s cousins. James Herman Stufflebean was Dave’s grand uncle.

Remember, there is hope of identifying unknown people in old family photos!

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