Richard Wilkins & Althea Jenkins, Aroostook Co., ME

I hadn’t planned to blog any more about the Stewart family, but I guess I am not ready to set them aside and move to anyone else in the family tree.

Thomas and Nancy (Stewart) Jenkins’ oldest child was Althea who married Richard Wilkins. Althea was born in January 1846, according to the 1900 census, but she was one year old in 1850, so probably was born in January 1849. The family lived in Twp. 9, Range 3 of Washington County, Maine at that time, but I haven’t yet figured out what town that later became.

Althea Jenkins married Richard Wilkins about 1872, most likely in Aroostook County, Maine. Richard was born in May 1841 in Maine. Both Richard and Althea are last found in the 1910 census of Aroostook County, but no death or burial information has been found for either of them.

Richard and Althea were the parents of nine children, with eight still living in 1900, but I have only been able to find seven, as the other two were likely born after 1880 and before 1900 and are not at home in those censuses.


1. Annie E., born April1873, Aroostook County, ME; died 2 July 1946 in Monticello, Aroostook, ME; married Charles H. Codrey about 1891. Charles was born in January 1865, Canada; died 1959 in Monticello, Aroostook, Canada.
2. Jane, born about 1875, Aroostook County, ME; died after 1920; married Addington G. Mersereau on 31 August 1898 in Monticello, Aroostook, ME. Addington was born in 1866, Canada; died 10 April 1913, Bridgewater, Aroostook, ME.
3. Eva, born August 1877 in Monticello, Aroostook, ME; died after 28 February 1906 when she married George H. Haley in Bridgewater, Aroostook, ME
4. Ida Mae, born 21 October 1879, Aroostook County, ME; died 21 July 1929 in Monticello, Aroostook, ME; married Alvers/Albert/Allen/Al Jonathan Cole on 27 December 1904 in Hersey, Aroostook, ME. Al, who went by all the names above, was born about 1874 in Maine; died after 1940, when he was living with son Raymond’s family.
5. George Everett, born 30 April 1884, Aroostook County, ME; died after 18 June 1951; unmarried.
6. Gertrude, born March 1889, Aroostook County, ME; died 22 November 1907, Monticello, Aroostook, ME: unmarried
7. William, born 7 November 1891, Monticello, Aroostook, ME; died 19 November 1978, Presque Isle, Aroostook, ME; unmarried.
8. Child, died young and before 1900
9. Child, died after 1900, but not at home in that census


1. Annie and Charles Codrey had (1) Roland E., born 6 November 1893; died 15 January 1970, Houlton, Aroostook, Maine. Roland married Kathleen Carmichael and had eleven children. (2) Forrest, born about 1901; died after 1920 when he was a private in the U.S. Army serving at Ft. McKinley in the Phillipine Islands. (3) Ethel Myrtle, born about 1908; married Edward (Ted) Boyce.
2, Jane and Addington Mersereau had three sons. (1) Colby, born 13 June 1899; died after 1940. (2) Earnest, born 18 March 1903; died 16 November 1973, Bridgewater, Aroostook, ME. (3) Fred, born 27 February 1907, Bridgewater, Aroostook, ME; died 1 July 1977, Monticello, Aroostook, ME. Neither Colby nor Earnest married. Fred married Minnie (Watson) Craig on 13 January 1932 in Bridgewater, Aroostook, ME. She was sixteen years older than him and had three children by her previous marriage. There were no Mersereau children in the 1940 household so Fred may only have had stepchildren.
3. Eva and George Haley had one daughter, Ethel F., born 30 March either 1906 or 1907. The birth record has the year written over and it looks like a combined 76. George was 21 years older than Eva and no one in this family has been found in 1910.
4. Ida Mae and Alvers/Albert/Al Jonathan Cole had two sons. (1) Raymond Everett, born 3 July 1909; died 16 July 1979, Presque Isle, Aroostook, ME, He married Velma Craig on 23 February 1932. Velma was previously married and had a son by that marriage. Raymond and Velma had at least six children of their own.  (2) Percy, born 7 August 1913; died 6 December 1998, Houlton, Aroostook, ME. He married Ida Codrey and they had one son, Morris, and one daughter, Ida.

I am still looking for Stewart cousins. If the Wilkins family is in your tree, please contact me.

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