Now’s Your Chance! My New Blogging Resolution

I’ve made a new blogging resolution for myself. Actually, I’ve been working on this during the summer, but I’m not happy with my progress.

How many blog posts do you read each day? I mean really read, most of the way through? I probably read about ten on average. I decided I wanted to start leaving comments on the posts that I enjoy. Many of them get added to my Recommended Reads list and, although it feels wonderful to find my posts on others’ “best of the week” lists, I think we all like to have actual comments posted by our readers.  Are any of you thinking the same thing? I hope so.

I think, on average, I’ve left about five comments per week on blog posts that caught my attention. My new goal is three comments per day. That is easily attainable given the amount of reading I do.

So, readers, are you also up for the “Comments” challenge? If you are, here is your first opportunity.

Last week, I posted “Photo Dating Help Needed!” There were plenty of site visits to my blog that day, so I know readers at least looked at it and, thank you, Elizabeth Swanay-O’Neal for including it on your Best Bytes for the week, but I didn’t have even one comment left by anyone about my theory as to who this young man might be.

Here is your second chance – Photo Dating Help Needed!

Please take a minute to click the link and leave a comment. Am I on the right track identifying this probable Brasher family member? Thank you!

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