Lost Newspaper Records

Four generations of my family lived in Passaic, New Jersey and there were numerous mentions of them in the Passaic Herald News, the city newspaper. I found this clipping among my Nana’s pictures and papers:

Undated News Clipping

The young man on the left is my dad, George Sabo. I wish the top edge of the clipping included a date, but I am guessing this was published about 1945-1946 and it most likely appeared in the Passaic Herald News.

I have been on the hunt for digitized images of the Passaic Herald News. Not only have I not found any, but I discovered, much to my horror, that when the newspaper was sold to a modern media company, they disposed of the archived stacks of old issues, which dated back to 1932. Other incarnations of the newspaper stretch all the way back to 1872! My heart sank.

I have continued the hunt, though, and learned that the Passaic Public Library has a microfilmed set of the paper. They won’t allow the films to go out on interlibrary loan. Hmm. I might have to make a trip back to New Jersey and visit the city where I grew up!

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