Joel Hamilton Howard & Mary Ann Stewart, Aroostook Co., ME

This will be the last Stewart-themed post for a while. Mary Ann Stewart, daughter of John and Catherine Carlisle Stewart, was born on 20 July 1829 in Charlotte, Washington, Maine. A marriage record has not been found for her, but she likely married Joel Hamilton Howard about 1860 in Aroostook County, Maine. Online trees show his wife to be Mary Ann Corliss, which is probably true. However, they don’t reflect the fact that Joel married twice and both wives had the first name of Mary.

Joel Howard married Mary Ann Corliss on 31 March 1850 in Smyrna, Aroostook County, Maine. Joel was born on 30 September 1823 in Phillips, Franklin County, ME. He died on 7 May 1888 in Linneus, Aroostook, Maine. Mary Ann was born about 1832 and died before 1860. It is possible that she died giving birth to daughter Lydia, who also died before 1860.

Joel and Mary Ann Corliss had the following children:

1. Willard, born 25 April 1851, Linneus, Aroostook County, ME
2. Herbert Orville, born 14 April 1853, Linneus, Aroostook County, ME
3. Laura Edna, born 4 March 1855, Linneus, Aroostook County, ME
4. Lydia Adeline, born 8 March 1858, Linneus, Aroostook County, ME; died 8 August 1859, according to a record on FamilySearch, but she isn’t found in the 1860 mortality schedule or regular census. Family information is that she died young.

Sometime before the 1860 census, Joel married (2) Mary Ann Stewart. She is the lady of the house in the 1860 census, stepmother to Willard, Herbert and Laura, although Laura is enumerated as L.” and as a boy.

A number of years ago, a descendant of Joel and Mary Ann contacted me and shared her family information, which was entered into a family Bible. Sadly, I did not ask for and don’t have copies of the pages from that Bible.

Joel and Mary Ann Stewart had the following children:

1. Walter, born 6 January 1861, Linneus, Aroostook County, ME; not found after 1880.
2. Martha Ann, born 26 February 1862, Linneus, Aroostook County, ME; died 24 December 1934, in Oakfield, Aroostook County, ME; married Joseph Warren Huntley.3. David Danforth, born 14 August 1864, Linneus, Aroostook County, ME
4. Lydia Adeline, aka Lillie A., 27 May 1866, Linneus, Aroostook County, ME
5. Emma E., born 31 July 1868, Linneus, Aroostook County, ME; died 20 January 1911, New Limerick, Aroostook County, ME of Bright’s Disease; married Benjamin Britton. He was born 25 July 1835, Canada and died on 23 January 1919, New Limerick, Aroostook County, ME.
6. Rosa, born 10 July 1872, Linneus, Aroostook County, ME

With a lack of vital records for northern Maine, most of these children also fell off the genealogical radar screen. If you are related to any of these people, please leave a comment. Thanks!




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  1. Emma E who married Benjamin Britton was my grandmother.
    My father Byron Earle Britton was born 03-01-1910. Emma Died 1-20-1911 in New Limerick ME. She was 39 . Byron was 10 months old. Benjamin died in 1919 @ 84. At Emma’s death
    she had Byron 10 months Glayds 8 years Harold 15 years Grace
    was 18. Earle Ray had passed in 1909.

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