Happy Birthday, Nana!

Today is the 122nd anniversary of the birth of my Nana, aka Helena Anna (Julia) Scerbak Sabo. Nana was a strong, independent woman of whom I’ve written about several times.

Julia Scerbak Sabo

I remember Nana telling me stories about photographers making everyone pose in certain ways, as she described it “this way and that.”

This photo was taken of her sometime between 1910 and her 1915 marriage. I think she would like that I chose this picture, as the look on her face seems to be saying, “Why are you insisting on taking my picture in this dumb pose?”

She lived a good long life, in spite of losing my grandfather to tuberculosis in 1936. Nana survived him by 49 years, passing away on 29 May 1985. I can’t believe she has been gone for thirty years, as I can still hear her voice.

Happy Birthday, Nana!

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