John Dulworth and Mary Broadway, 1803

John Dulworth and Mary Broadway are two solid brick walls in my husband’s family tree.

John “Dulwitt” first appears on as a private in Flennekin’s Company of Knox County’s Regiment, Hamilton District Militia, Territory south of the Ohio, 1792-1794.

He was likely born in the early 1760’s, in Germany according to family tradition, and married Mary “Brawdeway” in Knox County about 2 December 1803. John may have died before 1820. There is family lore, undocumented, that John left a will leaving his possessions to his daughter Hannah, stating that “my wife left me early.” There is a large gap between James’s and Hannah’s birth. It isn’t known whether there were other children born in this span. If it is true that Mary left John, perhaps it was between 1805 and 1815 and she returned to him before leaving for good.

Dulworth-Brawdeway Marriage License

John and Mary Dulworth had four known children, all likely born in Knox County, TN:

1. John, born about 1803/4; died Oct 1855, Cumberland Co., KY; married Hyla Willis
2. James, born about 1805; died 11 Nov 1887, Cumberland Co., KY; married Elizabeth Gwinn Spear
3. Hannah, born about 1815; died after 1870; married William Spear
4. Daughter, born about 1817; died after 1820; no further information

I also believe that Mary Broadway was a young widow when she married John Dulworth. Absolutely no Broadway records have been found relating to Mary and a possible first husband in Knox County. However, there is one marriage record:

Robinson-Broadway Marriage License

Thomas Roberson/Robinson married Peggy Broadway on 23 December 1813, also in Knox County. Peggy was probably about sixteen when she married.

There is also a Louvina Dulworth who also appears as Broadway. She was born about 1800 and is likely a second daughter of Mr. Broadway and Mary. She married John Rush about 1819 or shortly before the 1820 census, when a young John and young female lived a couple of doors away from Mary Dulwit in 1820. Solomon Pruett, who Mary married between the 1840 and 1850 censuses, lived in between the Rushes and Mary.

John Rush, Solomon “Pruett” and Mary Delwit
1820, Cumberland Co., KY

On 6 June 1823, Mary “Dulwit” assignee of James W. Taylor, received 50 acres of land on Sulphur Creek in Cumberland County, KY.

Mary (Unknown) Broadway Dulworth Prewitt died after 16 February 1853, when she was approved to receive a widow’s pension based on third husband Solomon Prewitt’s Revolutionary War service. She likely died in Cumberland County, Kentucky, but no death record or gravestone has been found for her.

Mary reported in 1850 that she was born in South Carolina and there were Broadway families living in that state in the 1790-1800 time frame. Her first husband may well be part of one of those families, but I have found no clues to uncover her family ties.

Other than being German, I have not found any clues for John Dulworth’s family origins either. I think aliens dropped him down into Tennessee from a space ship.

If you have Dulworth or South Carolina Broadway family ties, please leave a comment.

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  1. Oh my god I have been trying to find out were my great grand parents were buried my name is Robert dulworth I live in Dallas TX and my ancestors came to Texas from Kentucky do you know we’re they were buried my phone number is 214 4695317

  2. Hi, I have a Mary Broadway in my family tree. She was born in South Carolina to William Poole Broadway and Mary “Polly” James. Mary was one of 10 children born after 1786. In that year, her older brother George was born and their mother states that George was her first born. I have no other info on Mary so, if you can link them it’d be wonderful. My ancestor is actually Mary’s brother, Lewis Augustus Broadway.

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