Century Old Photos: Passaic, NJ

When I seriously began researching the family history in 1980, my grandmother shared with me what she said were all the old photos she had. We looked at them together and she identified most of the people. However, when she died in 1985, I discovered more photos that she must have forgotten she had. Nana was great for storing things in boxes in the closet!

These pictures, I believe, were all taken in the time period after November 1910, when she returned to the United States,  but before September 1915, when she married my grandfather because he is not in any of these photos.

She remained close to family and friends who had left Udol for Passaic throughout her lifetime so I think odds are quite high that these people were from the village. If they weren’t born there, then their parents likely were. I think it is also very likely that they were parishioners at St. Michael’s Church on First Street in Passaic.

None of these photos are marked in any way. The photo below is the only one where the person even reminds me of anyone. During the Depression, my grandparents hired Anna Stanchak as a maid. The photo is too early to be her, as she was born in 1917, according to the census. However, it could be her mother if she looked like her. Each time I see this picture I am reminded of Anna, who I knew.

Anna Stanchak’s Mother??

Unknown #1

This gentleman appears to be dressed for a wedding:

Unknown #2

Unknown #3

Unknown #4

Unknown #5

This picture was likely taken at the same time as the one of Julia Scerbak and Julia Fabian that I posted yesterday and I also think it was in celebration of a wedding.

Unknown #6

If you are related to the Fabian family and/or have ancestors from the Udol-Hajtovka area of Slovakia who emigrated to Passaic, NJ, these might be your relatives.

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