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Recommended Reads is back this week, although the pick list has some items from the last couple of weeks. We were on an Alaskan cruise and the ship’s internet was very spotty, or not working at all in Glacier Bay National Park and the fjords for a lot of the time. Saving a post for future reading was about all I could manage.

Here are my picks:

Finding a Loyalist in the Haldemand Papers by Lorine McGinnis Schulze on Olive Tree Genealogy

Finding More Loyalist Claims by Diane Boumenot on One Rhode Island Family

Library of Congress Magazine – A Free Gem Overlooked by Many! by Diane L. Richard on UpFront with NGS

Mocavo Has Free U.S. Census Listings Available Forever by Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings

How to Show Metes and Bounds on Google Maps and Google Earth by James Tanner on Genealogy’s Star

I Am Alone by Sharon White on Worldwide Genealogy – A Worldwide Collaboration

Light-Bulb Moments by Tony Proctor on Parallax View

List of Links to Online BC and New Brunswick Newspapers Updated AND

Acadians of the St. John Valley, both by Gail Dever on Genealogy a la Carte

Quick Tip – Check for Logical Migration Patterns by Yvette Hoitink on Dutch Genealogy. This is a great tip to remember when looking for family who moved from an area anywhere, not just in the Netherlands.

Source Citation Made Easy by Melissa Wiseheart on A Wise Heart’s Journey

Finding People Who Appear in Records Around the World: The Case of Maude Isabel Mallet by Wayne Shepheard on Discover Genealogy

Forthcoming Genealogy Books by John D. Reid on Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections

What Killed Great Grandad. . A Curious Mystery Solved on Trove, Part One by Sharn White on Family History 4U

Why Genealogists Need Social Media by Bill West on West in New England

Canadian Resources I Use by Barbara Poole on Life From the Roots

African-American Genealogy: Unearthing Your Family’s Past, From the Present to the Civil War by Melvin J. Collier on Roots Revealed

A sad loss that shouldn’t have happened:

Largest Cemetery in Quebec City Attacked by Vandals by Gail Dever on Genealogy a la Carte

Finally, last but certainly not least, the most powerful post I have read in a long time:

Auschwitz by Amy B. Cohen on Brotmanblog


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  1. Thank you so much for including my post and for your kind words. Powerful experiences produce powerful words.

    I hope you also had a great trip!

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