Historic Photos: Passaic, NJ

My grandparents, with my grandmother’s brother Peter Scerbak and friend Andrew Lengyel owned the Central Market Co. in Passaic from around the early 1930’s until it closed in 1950.

This photo is from a trade newsletter that my grandmother saved. My grandfather died in November 1936 so it predates that time:

Central Market Company

Pete Scerbak is second from left, Andy Lengyel is sixth from the left. George Sabo is on the far right and his brother, Steve, is next to him, second from right.

The shop was located at 684 Main Avenue, Passaic, New Jersey, between Jefferson St. and Washington Pl. Today, it is the site of Bruno’s Pizza and Peruvian Restaurant:

Bruno’s, 684 Main Avenue
Google Street View in July 2012

Central Market Co. looks like a larger store than Bruno’s, but in the 2012 view, it looks like Magic Sneaker shared some divided storefront space. Through the years, the space allotted to the businesses has changed. I would estimate that the grocery shop rented perhaps half the storefront space in the building.

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