Ahnentafel of David Lee Stufflebean

I am just as excited when I find a new cousin in the Stufflebean line, so here is Dave’s ahnentafel.

Generation 1

1. David Lee Stufflebean

Generation 2

2. Edward Earl Stufflebean
3. Ruby Jewel Sturgell

Generation 3

4. Earl Marcus Stufflebean, b. 1894, Linn Co., MO; d. 1946, Oklahoma City, OK
5. Pearl Lillian Brasher, b. 1898, Sulphur Springs, TX; d. 1989, Norman, OK
6. Oscar Eldon Sturgell, b. 1893, Barry Co., MO; d. 1968, Anadarko, OK
7. Ethel Anne Nation, b. 1900 Oakley, TN; d. 1976, Los Angeles, CA

Generation 4

8. John H. Stufflebean, b. 1863, Linn Co., MO; d. 1939, Noble, OK
9. Mary E. Hollen, b. 1868, Sullivan Co., MO; d. 1905, Garner, MO
10. Joseph H. Brasher, b. 1874, Cumby, TX; d. 1925, Noble, OK
11. Minnie Mae Williams, b. 1879, Hopkins Co., TX; d. 1945, Hillsboro, TX
12. Abijah Houston Sturgell, b. 1855 ; d. 1905, both in Barry Co., MO
13. Martha Susannah Alberty, b. 1858, Newton Co., MO; d. 1916, Barry Co., MO
14. Clayton C. Nation, b. 1872, Cumberland Co., KY; d. 1922, Granite, OK
15. Matilda Jane Dulworth, b. 1869, Cumberland Co., KY; d. 1931, Granite, OK

Generation 5

16. John Stufflebean, b. 1821, Estill Co., KY; d. 1864, Nashville, TN
17. Matilda M. Peavler, b. 1836, Knox Co., KY; d. 1900, Linn Co., MO
18. James Holland, b. 1824, Sullivan Co., MO; d, 1903, Linn Co., MO
19. Eramanthus Elizabeth Scott, b. c1827; d. after 1870, MO
20. Emsley Harrison Brasher, b. 1841, Christian Co., KY; d. 1886, Cumby, TX
21. Mary Woosley Perkins, b. 1846, Cedar Co., MO; d. 1882, Cumby, TX
22. John C. Williams, b. 1848, Lafayette Co., AR; d. 1926, Dike, TX
23. Louisa Miller, b. 1842, Muhlenberg Co., KY; d. 1883, Hopkins Co., TX
24. Isaac Sturgell, b. c1823, prob. Grayson Co., VA; d. 1909, Barry Co., MO
25. Mary Bandy, b. c1828, Lawrence Co., OH; d. aft 7 Mar 1889, prob. Peoria Co., IL
26. John S. Alberty, b. 1818, Surry Co., NC; d. 1861, Newton Co., MO
27. Susannah Douthit, b. 1821, Rowan Co., NC; d. 1883, Newton Co., MO
28. Joseph M. Nation, b. 1836, prob. Fentress Co., TN; d. 1906, Overton Co., TN
29. Christianna Riddle, b. 1833, Cumberland Co., KY; d. 1923, Overton Co., TN
30. Abraham Dulworth, b. 1840, Cumberland Co., KY; d. aft 1910, prob. Cumberland Co., KY
31. Mary Jane Adams, b. c1850, TN; d. 1932, Granite, OK

Generation 6

32. Michael Stufflebean, b. c1798, Estill Co., KY; d. 1848, Linn Co., MO
33. Elizabeth Baker, b. c1801, KY; d. 1850, Linn co., MO
34. Lewis Peavler, b. c1805, TN; d. aft 1880, prob. Sullivan Co., MO
35. Catherine Head, b. c1810, prob Scott Co., VA; d. aft 1880, prob. Sullivan Co., MO
36. James Holland, b. c1791, KY; d. aft 1860, prob. Sullivan Co., MO
37. Annie Thompson, b. c1793; d. bef 1830, prob. Howard Co., MO
40. Hampton Brasher, b. 1818, prob. Christian Co., KY; d. 1864, Civil War
41. Altezara Jane Woodruff, b. c1820 ; d. bef 1848, both prob. Hopkins Co., KY
42. Samuel H. Perkins, b. 1821, Halifax Co., VA; d. 1905, Cedar Co., MO
43. Martha Hamby, b. 1826, Christian Co., KY; d. 1891, Cedar Co., MO
44. William Alexander Williams, b. 1808, Roane Co., TN; d. 1866, Lafayette Co., AR
45. Hepsabeth Davison, b. 1811, VA; d. aft 1870, prob. Hempstead Co., AR
46. Michael Miller, b. 1815, Muhlenberg Co., KY; d. 1880, Hopkins Co., TX
47. Elizabeth Hendricks, b. 1818, prob. Warren Co., KY; d, 1875, Hopkins Co., TX
48. William Sturgill, b. c1785, prob NC; d. bet 1844-1850, AR or MO
49. Sophia King, b. c1785; d. bef 12 Mar 1839, prob. Lawrence Co., OH
50. Andrew Bandy, b. 1784, VA; d. 1867, Lawrence Co., OH
51. Rebecca Wooldridge, b. 1799, VA; d. 1879, Lawrence Co., OH
52. John Henry Alberty, b. 1772, NC; d. aft 1850, prob. Washington Co., AR
53. Rebecca, b. c1782, NC; d. aft 1860, prob. Washington Co., AR
54. Abraham Douthit, b. 1797, NC; d. 1863, Newton Co., MO
55. Valinda Jarvis, b. c1799, rowan Co., NC: d. aft 1830, possibly IN
56. Henry Nation, b. c1814, Preble Co., OH; d. aft 1860, possibly Arkansas Co., AR
58. Isaac Riddle, b. c1800, VA; d. aft 1880, prob. Cumberland Co., KY
59. Catherine Johnson, b. c1803, TN; d. aft 1880. prob. Cumberland Co., KY
60. James Dulworth, b. c1805, Knox Co., TN; d. 1887, Cumberland Co., KY
61. Elizabeth Gwinn Spear, b. c1817, Cumberland Co., KY; d. 1878, Cumberland Co., KY

If you compare my ahnentafel to Dave’s, it isn’t likely you will find any common lines! Our ancestors had totally different origins and in different areas of the country. Again, if you see a distant cousin, please leave a comment.

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