Heirlooms, Passed Through the Generations, Part 2

Yesterday, I shared pictures of Minnie Mae’s quilts that somehow survived who knows how many years of life in the gardening shed in Oklahoma.

Today, I want to share heirlooms belonging to Nellie Tarbox Adams (aka “Nammie”) that I have received. I’ve already told the story of Nammie’s Rocking Chair and How I Almost Lost It, but here are a couple of vintage photos of the rocker:

Nammie’s Rocker in Great Grandmother Annie’s
Apartment in the 1930’s. Rocker in right corner.

Linda in Rocking Chair
Me in Nammie’s Rocker, c1957

Linda & Michael in Rocking Chair
Michael, Nammie’s 3x great grandson,
in the rocker with Mom in 1988

I was heartbroken when I thought Nammie’s rocker had burned in the moving van fire, but overjoyed and thankful when I learned it was one of the only objects to survive that fire. Michael is now the 6th generation of our family to sit in that rocking chair. It’s absolutely priceless to our family.

In addition to the rocking chair, I am also the family caretaker for Nammie’s silverware. She didn’t have a lot, just a few serving spoons and six teaspoons, but I proudly use them during the holidays.

Silver Serving Spoon

It is very hard to see, but the spoons are engraved with a curly-script letter “A” for Adams, at the top of each spoon.

Would I get rich selling these spoons? Never. Would I even want to sell them? Never!

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