Daniel Adams, Grandson of a Loyalist

Daniel Adams

Daniel Adams is my 3x great grandfather, born about November 1810 on Adams Island, New Brunswick, Canada. Adams Island is a small island due east of Lambertville on Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada. Daniel was the son of Thomas Adams and Sarah Brawn or Brown and the grandson of Loyalist John Adams and wife Sarah Coley, who left New York on the fall of 173 ships carrying Loyalists to their new homes in Canada.

John Adams gave up a comfortable life and left friends and family behind. From the scant records about him in Canada, it appears he squatted on Adams Island and was living there as late as 1818. John and Daniel’s father, Thomas, made their living as fishermen.

Daniel became a well-respected carpenter and boat builder, moving his family across the water to Calais, Washington, Maine in the late 1850’s. Thomas apparently came to live with Daniel’s family as he appears in the 1860 mortality schedule, dying in Calais in July 1859.

Daniel married Sarah Ann Parker. They raised a family of nine children, all of whom lived to adulthood. Daniel died in Calais on 8 February 1893 of a stroke and was buried in Calais Cemetery.

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