“When I Was Young” Geneameme, Part 2

Alona Tester on LoneTester HQ created a new 25 question geneameme. Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings took it one step further by dividing up the questions for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.

Part 1 was published on Monday, April 6. Now, I am on the Saturday posting schedule with Part 2:

6. When you were young, do you remember what it was that you wanted to grow up to be?

I always and forever wanted to be a teacher. I loved school and ended up teaching K-8 for 36 years.

7. Did you have a favorite teacher at school?

Usually, my current teacher was my favorite, but I loved Mrs. Wachs in sixth grade at #10 School in Passaic, NJ. I was heartbroken when we moved to another town in the middle of that school year.

8. How did you get to school?

In elementary school, I lived only four blocks away. I walked to school every day, plus my school didn’t offer lunch at school. Everyone went home for lunch so we all got a lot of exercise. I also walked to school in grades 7-12, except for my freshman year of high school. All the freshmen attended the brand new high school, while all the seniors that year remained at the “old” school. The new high school was miles away on the other side of town so I rode the school bus for that one year.

9. What games did playtime involve?

Jump rope and double dutch jump rope were perennial favorites, along with hopscotch. There was an open area in the apartments across the street from us where we played kickball and dodgeball. Although not a game, everyone took long bike rides around the block. At one point, stilts were “in.” We had enough practice on those that we could walk all the way around the block without falling once.

10. Did you have a cubby house?

No, but I was very envious of a little girl who lived behind the apartments. Her backyard backed up to the apartment complex parking area. Her dad had built her a beautiful playhouse and put it in her backyard. I didn’t know her by name, though, and never played in it.

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