St. Stephen Roman Catholic Magyar Church, Passaic, NJ

St. Stephen’s Roman Catholic Magyar Church in Passaic, New Jersey has a long history, dating back to its founding in 1903.

Centennial Anniversary 2003

I’ve mentioned before that my grandmother, Julia Sabo, was a collector, for which I am very thankful as it has provided many “aha” moments in my genealogical journey.St. Stephen’s celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1928 and among my grandmother’s religious items is a holy card from that celebratory Mass.

Saint StephenHolyCard
25th Anniversary, 1928

This card is still in pristine condition as it has pretty much sat in a box or archival album for all those years. It’s also one of the items that has no special significance to my grandmother or my family history, but I can’t just throw it away.

A quick call solved that problem – St. Stephen’s Church would like to have the card to add to its archive of church history so it is on its way back home.

Although I have no specific memory of visiting St. Stephen’s – my grandmother often took me on walking trips around Passaic visiting all the Catholic churches – I may well have visited it at least once in the 1950’s. Today, St. Stephen’s is the only surviving Hungarian church on the East Coast.

I am pleased that this holy card, as small and minor as it may be, is going back home.

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  1. Linda, if you are in the area on a Sunday morning, our 9:00 am mass is in English, and the 11:00 mass is in Hungarian. Come join us, you are always welcome!

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