Mystery Monday: Stufflebeans

I have many old Stufflebean family photos and only some of them have been inscribed. I initially thought that this was a group photo of the younger second set of children that John Henry Stufflebean had with second wife Addie Belcher, as they had mostly daughters. However, the baby in front on the left is Edward Earl Stufflebean, my father-in-law. The two boys in the back definitely have the Stufflebean ears.

Stufflebean with several other children

Here is another photo that looks to have been trimmed out of a photo taken at the same time. This photo is Edward for sure.  He was born 6 June 1917 and he looks like he is a couple months short of being a year old so this picture was probably taken in the spring of 1918. Most of the family lived in Oklahoma at the time – this picture was likely taken in Noble.

Baby Picture of Dad
Edward Earl Stufflebean, c1918

The girls seated in front don’t fit the ages of John’s daughters, one born in 1908 and the other in 1915.

I’ve come to the conclusion that these children are more likely grandchildren of John Henry Stufflebean.

Now, to try to find some of the other descendants who might be able to name the children. John had six sons and five daughters who lived to adulthood so there are lots of them out there.

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  1. I was wondering if you knew how many Stoppelbein’s came here from Germany? I’ve been reading your post and by far you seam to have the most information all in one place.

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