William Bucknam & Sarah Knower, One More Double Descent

Like my other ancestors, William and Mary Lakin of Ruddington, England, William Bucknam and Sarah Knower have many descendants. This is the last of my double descent lines, at least that I’ve discovered so far, but this line has an interesting twist because my double descent is through their grandson, Joses (1641-1694), with one line from each of his two wives.

Here is how the line looks:

William Bucknam & Sarah Knower Family

This is the last of my multiple descent lines so here are the same old generations, repeated for the last time:

6. Joses Bucknam = Abigail Hay
1761-1835              1768-1854
Joses is the ancestor under whom I joined the National    Society Daughters of the American Revolution. He was a soldier captured by the British and sent to the notorious Old Mill Prison in Portsmouth, England, where he remained until June 1782. At one point, it was thought he had deserted, when in reality, he had been captured.

7. Oliver Scripture = Mary Goddard Bucknam
1796-1862                1801-1879

8. George Rogers Tarbox = Mary Elizabeth Scripture
1818-1895                              1827-1866

9. Calvin Segee Adams = Nellie F. Tarbox
1843-1921                         1856-1927

10. Charles E. Adams = Annie Maude Stuart
1877-1921                  1874-1940

11. Vernon Tarbox Adams = Hazel Ethel Coleman
1899-1968                             1901-1995

12. George Michael Sabo = Doris Priscilla Adams
1926-1985                            1923-2008

13. Linda Anne Sabo – me!


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