Descended Twice from the Same Ancestors – William Haskell & Marie Tybbot

1. William Haskell and Marie Tybbot have a LOT of descendants, but perhaps not as many as one would think. That’s because descendants intermarried and produced people like me, who are descended from them twice. They are my 9 times great grandparents.

William Haskell’s English origins have been proven. He was born 8 November 1618 in Charlton Musgrove, Somerset, England. He married Marie (Mary) Tybbot on 6 November 1643 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts and lived out their lives there. I don’t know if there was some type of pestilence epidemic in Gloucester in 1693 or if William and Marie were one of those couples who passed away within a short time of each other, but Marie died in 16 August 1693 and William followed only four days later on 20 August 1693.

I am descended from two of their sons, William and Mark. Here are the lines:

2. William Haskell married Mary Brown
1644-1708                             1649-1715

3. Ebenezer Parsons married Lydia Haskell
1682-1763                                   1681-1734

4. Isaac Parsons married Hannah Burnham
1714-1767                         Abt 1721-aft 1759

Each of those families spent their lives in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Generation 5, John Haskell married Hannah Parsons, is where the two lines come together. John and Hannah were third cousins. They likely knew their was a distant family relationship because Hannah’s grandmother was a Haskell, although Lydia Haskell Parsons died before her granddaughter was born.

The second line, from Mark Haskell, is:

2. Mark Haskell married Elizabeth Giddings
1658-1691                         1666-1725

3. William Haskell married Jemima Hubbard
1690-1731                              1684-1761

4. Nathaniel Haskell married Hannah White
1719-1808                                   1721-1814

Each of these families also lived out their lives in Gloucester, with the exception of Mark Haskell’s widow who married (1) John Dennison and removed to Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Nathaniel and Hannah were the parents of John Haskell who married Hannah Parsons from my first Haskell line. The descendants continue now as one line:

5. John Haskell married Hannah Parsons
1745-1828                       1749-1834

John and Hannah were the first generation to leave Gloucester and move to New Gloucester, Maine.

6. William Tarbox married Judith Haskell
1779-1860                            1780-1861

William and Judith lived out their lives and raised their family in New Gloucester, Maine.

7. George Rogers Tarbox married Mary Elizabeth Scripture
1818-1895                                             1827-1866

George Tarbox first moved to Lowell and then Newburyport, Massachusetts before marrying Mary Elizabeth in Nashua, New Hampshire. They finally settled in Calais, Washington, Maine.

8. Calvin Segee Adams married Nellie F. Tarbox
1843-1921                                        1856-1927

9. Charles E. Adams married Annie Maude Stuart
1877-1922                                 1874-1940

10. Vernon Tarbox Adams married Hazel Ethel Coleman
1899-1968                                              1901-1995

11. George Michael Sabo married Doris Priscilla Adams
1926-1985                                           1923-2008

12. Linda Anne Sabo, me

I’ll be posting a couple more of my double lines in the future, including my very tangled Lakin line, with several lines of descent. Do you have any triple lines?


2 thoughts on “Descended Twice from the Same Ancestors – William Haskell & Marie Tybbot”

  1. This was a very interesting post. 🙂

    I have several incidents of double connections in my family, too. My daddy’s paternal grandmother’s parents were descended from the same man. This one man was the 2nd great-grandfather of my 2nd great-grandfather and the 3rd great-grandfather of his wife. I think this makes my 2nd great-grandparents 3rd cousins 1x removed.

    On my mother’s side, one of my 3rd great-grandpas and uncles decided to make my head spin. Berry M. Pressley (3rd great-grandpa) was married twice, first to Eliza and then to Tabitha. Berry and Eliza had several sons, one named Berry H. Pressley. Eliza died. Berry H. grew up and got married to Susan King. Susan was the sister to Tabitha, 2nd wife of Berry M. Pressley. Berry M. married Tabitha the year before Berry H. married Susan. So, those kids were all sorts of kin to each other and I get a headache every time I try to get it all sorted out. 🙂

    Sorting out family history and relationships is certainly not boring!

    Have a blessed day. 🙂

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