Antique Christmas Memories

‘Tis the Season and I love antique Christmas decorations, photos and memorabilia. My grandmother was a saver – not really a packrat, just a saver of family mementos and I’d like to share this one first. I grew up helping Nana organize her Christmas card list and although I wrote messages on the cards for her in her later years, she always signed the cards herself. Apparently, when my grandfather was alive (he died in November 1936) and they had comfortably become part of the new middle class, they bought cards with their names imprinted. Nana had one or two left over each year, which she saved. This card was sent to friends and family sometime between 1926, the year my father was born, and 1935, my grandfather’s last Christmas. It is also the only card I have that was from the three of them as a family.

Christmas Card 2 Cover

Christmas Card 2 Inside

I am very thankful that Nana kept these!

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