Parents of Jacob Miller, #10 of the Ten Biggest Genealogical Mysteries

It took me years to prove that Jacob Miller of Northampton County, Pennsylvania was the father of Martin Miller of Muhlenburg County, Kentucky. However, finding that Jacob hailed from Northampton County has not opened a floodgate of Miller information, to say the least.

Even during the Revolutionary War era, Jacob Miller/Muller was an extremely common name and there were multiple Miller/Muller families living in Northampton County, Pennsylvania at that time. The 1790 census includes 73 Millers, of whom 7 are Jacob Miller. It is also possible that “my” Jacob Miller removed to Virginia before this census and that none of the seven residing there in 1790 is the right one.

I have not done a lot of research in Pennsylvania, but a preliminary jump into the records did not turn up any Miller information that immediately appeared to relate to “my” Jacob.

The most promising lead appears to be a land deed of Jacob Miller, deceased, filed by Philip Odenwelder the Elder of Forks Twp., Northampton County and wife Susannah, formerly married to Henry Miller of Williams Twp., yeoman.

Those mentioned in the deed, and likely children of Henry and Susannah Miller are:

John Shaffer of Mt. Bethel, weaver and Anne May, his wife
Jacob Miller of Plainfield, joiner
Andrew Miller of Mt. Bethel, cordwainer
Phillip Miller of Forks Twp.
John Miller of Forks Twp.

who are all now 21, plus daughter Elizabeth who is under 21 and son Henry, deceased, who leaves sons Peter and Henry and daughter Catherine.

The land was originally purchased by Henry Miller on 11 Aug 1760 and was purchased by Henry’s son, John Miller, on 7 Apr 1787 for L40.

Jacob Miller has been added to my December research list in Salt Lake City. I am hoping that this brick wall will soon tumble down!

Results of my Sturgell and Miller research will be blogged about in December when I get back from my trip.



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