Top 10 Brick Walls, Resolved and Unsolved

My husband and I have just returned from a month of short cruises. While gone, I had limited internet access, but did notice a new trend towards writing about My Top 10 Genealogy Mysteries. Although I hadn’t named my brick wall stories with the format of a list, it fits well with my desire to share brick wall successes so I, too, will finish off my list of Top 10 Mysteries.

I have already blogged about several of them, listed in no particular order:

1. My 3x great grandfather, Johannes Jensen, career soldier in Copenhagen, Denmark and how I found his 27 Apr 1810 birth record and parents.

2. My husband’s 2x great grandfather, Isaac Sturgell and his first wife, Mary Bandy.

3. Finding the Kucharik family of my paternal grandfather, George Kucharik, aka George Sabo.

4. Parents of my 3x great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Astle who married Thomas Coleman.

5. Parents of my husband’s 4x great grandfather, Martin Miller.

6. Parents of my 4x great grandfather, Joseph Coleman.

7. Uncovering the maiden name of Mary, wife of Oliver Shepley,  both of whom died in Pepperell, MA in 1757.

The above seven items have been resolved with great success.  The three items below remain brick walls:

8. Uncovering the maiden name of Catherine, wife of Johannes/John Whitmer. The link provides all the clues I have about Catherine and her possible family, so nothing further will be written for a while. This brick wall is on my “to do” list when I visit the Family History Library in Salt Lake City next month.

Items 9 and 10 will be the subjects of my next few posts. Both are also on my Salt Lake list, as neither brick wall has more than a small chink in it.

9. Proving the parentage of Isaac Sturgell, the same man listed in item #2 and proving his lineage beyond his parents.

10. Proving the parentage of Jacob Miller, father of Martin Miller, listed in item #5 and his lineage beyond his parents.



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