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I have written a lot about my Danish ancestors, from my grandmother Hazel’s mother back to Copenhagen. Sarah Moriah Crouse was Hazel’s paternal grandmother.  Sarah was born 7 May 1833, in the small town of Keswick, in York County, New Brunswick, Canada and was the daughter of Peter Crouse and Rebecca Jones, themselves children of Loyalists who fled to Canada at the close of the Revolution. Sarah had little or no memory of her father, who reportedly died about 1836. Her mother remarried Benjamin Blyther, who lived in Red Beach (today part of Calais), Maine, before 1840.

Sarah married neighbor William Coleman on 6 Feb 1855 in Calais and lived the rest of her very long life in Calais, except for a brief time around 1920 when she lived with son Hartwell and grandchild Hazel in Malden, MA.

William and Sarah continued to live in Red Beach, raising their young family. Sarah gave birth to six children, but Alvin, second born in 1857, died when he was only four months old. Their youngest child, Ethel, appears in the 1880 mortality schedule, having died of croup at the age of seven.

William Coleman-Senior

William and Sarah Coleman,  later in life

My grandmother was named Hazel Ethel in memory of her father’s baby sister. Their other four children lived to adulthood, although first born Mary Adelaide who married George Redding died at the age of 39. George followed four years later, leaving seven young children.

William died in Calais on 30 May 1905 and is buried there with Sarah.

I know quite a bit about William’s and Sarah’s descendants, but I realized that I know very little about her siblings and half siblings. I got a quick reminder that it is always good to revisit research, especially research done a quarter century ago as I took another look at Benjamin and Rebecca Blyther.

Benjamin Blyther was born in 1794 in Maine and was about 15 years older than Rebecca Jones Crouse, who was born about 1809-1810 in New Brunswick, Canada. Ben and Rebecca appear in the 1850 census with their children all enumerated as Blyther. Actually the first five children – Elias, Dean, Samuel, Sarah and Mary – were the children of Peter Crouse. Martha, Helen, Ruth and Henrietta were the Blyther children they had together.

Benjamin Blyther died in 1878 in Calais; Rebecca survived him by 19 years and is buried next to him in Red Beach Cemetery. I had always assumed that Rebecca died in Calais. However, that was not true, as I just found out. More about that and Rebecca’s travels as a widow tomorrow. Sarah Coleman died on 18 Oct 1930 at the age of 97 years. What happened to all of her siblings and half siblings and were there cousins out there of whom I knew nothing?

I will begin with the Crouse children. Elias Crouse, born about 1828, probably in Keswick, York, New Brunswick, Canada,  married Cyrene A. Cook in 1858 in Calais. They had no children in 1860 and Elias apparently died in the 1860’s as Cyrene married (2) Capt. Joshua Pettigrove on 15 Feb 1866 in Calais. There is no evidence that Elias served in the Civil War and Cyrene reported in 1900 that she had not given birth to any children so this line ended with Elias.

Dean was born about 1829 in Keswick and was unmarried at home in 1860. He hasn’t been found after that time and there is no evidence that he ever married. His nephew, Dean Samuel, was born in 1865 in Calais and apparently named for his uncle. Dean had probably already died by that time without issue.

Samuel was born about 1831 in Keswick. He married (1) Matilda Jane Carlow in 1855 in Calais and (2) Eliza Smith, about 1860. He and Matilda had one daughter, named Matilda Jane for her mother, born about 1858. I think mother Matilda may have died giving birth to her first child. Samuel was at home, unmarried in 1860, while daughter Matilda was living in Brewer, Penobscot, ME with James and Clarissa Carlow, her maternal grandparents. Also in the household was Clara Carlow, their 27 year old unmarried daughter. The family was enumerated as paupers; Clara died a month after the census on 16 July 1860. Matilda married Luther J. Fickett in Brewer about 1892. Daughter Nettie was born in June 1894. Luther and Matilda separated by 1900, when Matilda was last found in the census with daughter Nettie. By 1910, Luther had remarried and Nettie lived with her father and stepmother. Nettie married John Homer Clemons in Brewer in 1911. They are last found in Newburgh, Orange, NY in 1940 and apparently had no children.

When Samuel married Matilda, he was listed as Samuel Crouse. It appears he adopted the Blyther surname either when he married Eliza (that record hasn’t been found) or shortly afterwards. Samuel and Eliza had apparently both died by 1880, when their son, Dean Samuel Blyther and daughter Sarah M. Blyther were living with Joseph S. and Martha Blyther (Samuel’s half sister) Smith in Calais. Joseph and Martha had no children of their own. (Samuel, Eliza, Dean S. and Sarah M. have not been located in the 1870 census.)

Sarah M. Blyther married George Franklin Ford in 1881 at the home of Joseph and Martha Smith. They removed to Boston, where two children were born. Daughter Evelyn Gertrude was born in 1883 and was unmarried when last found in the 1930 census. Even if she married after that time, she would not have had any children of her own.

Son Elmer Leo was born in 1886 and died in 1970 in Jaffrey, Cheshire, NH. He married wife Christine (MNU) about 1915, likely in NJ or NY. They had three daughters – Dorothy, born 1917, Helen, born 1919 and Barbara D., born 1921. Barbara did not marry; Dorothy and Helen haven’t been found after 1940 so it is possible that they married and left descendants. Dorothy may be the lady who married Francis T. Prendergast and lived in Gardner, Worcester, MA. Her birthdate matches our Dorothy. Francis died 2 Jan 1963 in Gardner, but Dorothy didn’t pass away until 3 Mar 1995, also in Gardner.

Dean Samuel Blyther married Eunice B. Parker and three of their six children left descendants: Sons Royal Raymond and Walter Parker Blyther and daughter Mary Ella Blyther Houghton. For privacy reasons of those living today, I won’t give vital details.

Mary Crouse hasn’t been found after the 1850 census. It is not known whether she married or died young.

So it seems that Sarah  Coleman’s Crouse siblings left only a few descendants through her brother Samuel Crouse Blyther and his wife, Eliza Smith.

Sarah also had four Blyther half sisters – Martha, Helen, Ruth and Henrietta. What became of them and what about Rebecca Blyther’s travels? More tomorrow.

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  1. Benjamin Blyther, Queensbury, York Co. and Mary Hawkins, St. Marys, York Co. were married 01 Jan 1815 in York Co. by George Mountain, Rector of Fredericton.
    wit: James Yerxa/Catherine Yerxa

    Do you have any information on what happened to Mary?

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