Reviewing the Blyther Family History

Here’s a quick recap of Rebecca Jones Crouse Blyther‘s children:

Elias Crouse/Blyther – married, but died soon after and left no children.

Dean Crouse/Blyther – no record found after 1860 unmarried and with no children.

Samuel Crouse/Blyther – married twice. One daughter with Matilda Jane Carlow, also named Matilda Jane. Matilda married Luther Fickett. They had one daughter, Nettie, who married, but had no children. Samuel married (2) Eliza Smith. Sam and Eliza both died as young adults, but had daughter Sarah Maria and son Dean Samuel. Both married and left descendants.

Sarah Moriah Crouse Coleman – Sarah married William Coleman, lived to be 97 years old and had six children, Mary Adelaide, Alvin, William Edgar, Samuel Jones, Hartwell Thomas and Ethel. Alvin and Ethel died as children, but the others married and left descendants.

Mary Crouse/Blyther – not found after the 1850 census when she was 14. May have married by 1860 or died during that decade.

Martha Blythermarried Joseph S. Smith, but they had no children.

Helen Marr Blythermarried Charles H. Wright and had two daughters, Inez and Helen. Inez married Will Rogers Parker and left descendants. Helen married Harold Morgan Marriet, but it appears they had no children.

Ruth Blyther –  married Robert Colin Campbell and had three children, Gertrude, Robert Colin and William Wallace. William died in childhood. Gertrude married David Shoemaker and had two children, David and Ruth. David died young. Ruth married Everitt Hendrickson and left descendants. Robert died in adulthood, but no marriage or children has been found for him.

Henrietta L. Blyther – married Philip Roemmele and Edward S. Rusing. Philip died soon and they had no children. Edward and Henrietta had two daughters, Grace and Helen. Grace died soon after marriage leaving no children and Helen did not marry so Henrietta has no living descendants.

Not only did I learn a lot about the Crouse and Blyther families with this renewed search, I discovered that Rebecca traveled at least from Calais, ME to Nevada and California in 1879 and then back to Massachusetts by the time she died in 1897.

I’ve also talked to some new cousins in this family and shared family history information with them.

The lesson learned here is to take a second and even a third look at old research as new records are becoming available on line at a rapid rate. Some brick walls open by themselves!


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