New Blyther Cousins

I’ve been madly working on Blyther leads for the last few days. Another new update – Marjorie Franklin, daughter of Will and Inez Wright Parker, born in 1911 and  died in 1933, unmarried. That creates another closed line.

The last Blyther daughter is Henrietta L., born 1 Apr 1847, Calais, ME and died 22 Jan 1944, Sonoma County, CA. Henrietta married (1) Philip Roemmele, born about 1878  in Germany, on 29 July 1875 in Sacramento, CA. No further records have been found after the marriage for Philip and Henrietta married (2) Edward S. Rusing, 7 Aug 1878, also in Sacramento. Philip likely died, but they may have divorced. In either case, there appear to have been no children from that short marriage.

Henrietta and Edward had two daughters. Grace M. was born in October 1879, Nevada and married Charles W. Tozer on 12 Sept 1905 in Alameda County, CA. However, Grace died nine months later on 7 June 1906 in San Francisco, CA. It is easy to speculate that she died giving birth, but she died only about six weeks after the earthquake and it is possible she died from injuries or sickness.  Charles died sometime after 1920 and no second marriage record has been found for him. Henrietta’s second daughter was Helen O., born 3 Aug 1883 in California. She died 18 July 1941, unmarried, in Placer County, CA, leaving Henrietta with no descendants.

Tomorrow, I will summarize the information on the Crouse/Blyther descendants and provide a short explanation of how I traced the 21st century family.

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