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I’m Linda Stufflebean and I have been a family history researcher since 1979. Most of my friends would agree that I’m a genealogy addict. In addition to doing some professional work, I teach Kin Seekers, a local genealogy interest group in our local Welcome Club. Through the years, I have visited numerous repositories, court houses and cemeteries in the quest for details about the lives of my ancestors. Of course, there have been brick walls along the way. I have been fortunate to find ways around many of them and decided to focus this blog on some of the methods and thinking outside the box that I have used. The name of this blog reflects my quest to fill the empty  family branches on my tree.  I hope you will enjoy reading about my search for elusive ancestors.

My email address is: LStufflebean50@gmail dot com.


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  1. I want to thank you for adding my blog to your “blogs I follow” list. I have to admit I wasn’t aware of your blog until now, but I will definitely be looking at it in the future. My blog has a very low following (most posts show only 5-8 readers) but the one I wrote about John David Mertz for some reason has 22 readers already. I’m sure you are part of the reason why. I thank you for the encouragement!

  2. Sounds like you share my long-term interest in family history Linda…and a love of repositories, cemeteries etc to sneak around those brick walls.


    1. I know nothing about this site- I am trying to fill in the Stufflebean Thudium tree from Germany to today

      I am very confused what this is and how it works
      I am a relative of Stufflebean and Thudium

      Edward Thudium is my mother Frieda Thudium

      Recently deceasesd

      Please assist. I am not doing well
      Robert Ell Tremain Jr
      3637 Camino Marglesa
      Escondido, CA 92025


  4. Great blog. Love the pins. Such an interesting genealogy collection. Also, no idea if this would be any relation to you, but when growing up in Farmington, IL there was a Stufflebean family living there.

  5. I enjoy your blog. I have only recently found it. I can read your site when using 4g and my mobile device but I get an error message about it being temporarily blocked by the administrator when using WiFi. I have seen the blocked message on different devices and different networks.

    I switched to 4g tonight just to read your blog

    Doug Greenhill

  6. I have been doing a little research and came across this blog. maternal grandmother was a Kuczko who married John Lesko & her mother was Ana Tidik. I also have an Anna Hrinia & Steve Tidik on my family tree that may add info to Tidik.

  7. I was reading the State Journal Register Obits looking for a current obit, when I came across a Stufflebean. I used to live n Springfield, Illinois. Who knew there was a Stufflebean there. I hope he was not a close Stufflebean. Sorry for this loss.

  8. Hello. I ran across your site when I googled Mathias Williams of Cumberland, VA. I love all the extra genealogy tools links. Mathias Sr/married to Jane Jeanne was my 5th great-grandfather also; my maiden name is Williams. I am in the line of descent from Mathias’s son, John. I have been able to link, pretty definitively now, up to Mathias, but I am stumped after that. I only got started in researching about 2 yrs ago. I would like to ask if you have any information on Mathias’s Sr’s parents? One place (no names) lists his father as Roger Williams, son of Daniel Williams, son of the famous Roger Williams of R.I. but from what I very recently found, Roger Williams II did not have any sons – only 2 daughters. Thanks for all your sharing. It’s wonderful.

    Linda (Williams) _____

  9. Hi. I am a descendant of John Adams, Loyalist through his son Daniel and wife Sarah Ives. I have lots of information about them from my Grandmother Ada Adams Cromar. Ada had information about the family given to her by her Grandfather James Adams, son of Daniel Adams and Sarah Ives. Would love to correspond with you about this family as I have been researching it for many years (35). Have you had DNA test or do you know of any family members on your one that has. I have matched DNA with two ancestors of Hannah Adams Segee.

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