Recommended Reads

My favorite picks for this week:

1. New Jersey to Allow Access to Birth Records for People Adopted in the State  AND

2. 30,000 NYPD Crime Photographs Will Go Online, both by Dick Eastman on Eastman’s Online Genealogical Newsletter

3. The Mystery of Fanny Wiler: Post Script by Amy Cohen on Brotmanblog: A Family Journey

4. Land Ownership Maps: New Online Property Map Tools for U.S. Genealogy Research by Sunny on

5. Making Migration More Visible AND

6. Make Your Goals Visible, both by Janine Adams on Organize Your Family History

7. Discovering the Real McCoy (Part 1) AND

8. Discovering the Real McCoy (Part II),  both by Karrie Drake on The Family Detective

9. From Surgery to Health by Amy Archibald on Revealing Roots and Branches

10. StoryPress and Genealogy’s Star by James Tanner on Genealogy’s Star

11. The “When I Was Young” Geneameme by Alona on Lonetester HQ

12. Customer Service by Tony Proctor on Parallax View

13. The Significance of Memories Lost AND

14. Resurrecting a Genealogy Forum, both by Jacqi Stevens on A Family Tapestry

15. Jumping to Conclusions with Genealogy and DNA by Melvin J. Collier on Roots Revealed

16. Linkpendium: The Best Genealogy Site You’re Not Using by Amy Johnson Crow on No Story Too Small

17. A Family Secret (or, How I Learned to Tread Carefully When Doing Certain Research) by Erin Tilley on Census Sensibility

18. Another One for Citizen Archivists by Judy G. Russell on The Legal Genealogist

19. Tip #5: Good Genealogists Are Skeptics by Gary Roberts on Backtracking the Common

20. Personal Checklist by Nichelle Barra on Copper Leaf Genealogy

21.  What Makes a Good Source – Beginner Version by Devon Lee on A Patient Genealogist

22. Dating Old Photographs by History Chick on Genealogical Musings

23. John Winthrop’s Journal of the Ship Arabella’s Voyage to America, March 29-July 8, 1630 by Gordon Harris on Stories from Ipswich and the North Shore

24. Century Ireland Features 100 Year Old Newspaper Articles by Gail Dever on Genealogy a la Carte

25. NEW Evernote for Genealogy Video Series by Lisa Louise Cooke on (This is a YouTube series, available to all for free.)

26. Wednesday’s Child: Marina: An Elder Sister Who Never Was by Jennifer Geraghty-Gorman on “On a Flesh and Bone Foundation”: An Irish History

27. My Bio Family: Confirming the Maternal-Line via Ancestry DNA by Colleen Greene on Colleen and Jeff’s Roots

28. The Future of Genealogy – 6 Predictions by Louis Kessler on Behold Genealogy

29. New List Contains Names of 1500 Quebec Towns That Have Vanished or Changed Names by Gail Dever on Genealogy a la Carte

30. Testing Ancestry’s Amazing “New Ancestor” DNA Claim AND

31. Dissecting AncestryDNA Circles and New Ancestors, both byRoberta J. Estes on DNAeXplained-Genetic Genealogy

31. What Do You See? by Gary Roberts on Backtracking the Common

32. We Were Slaves – But Became Slaveowners by Lara on Lara’s Family Search

33. MooseRoots Added as Blog Resource at GeneaBloggers by Thomas MacEntee on GeneaBloggers

34. Love Finding Old Maps Online? Help “Index” Them! by Lisa Louise Cooke on

35. It’s Always the Last Place You Look–Zachariah Hildreth’s (1754-1829) Death Notice by Randy Seaver on GeneaMusings reminding us about checking all available newspaper sources!

Last, what must be an absolutely heartbreaking and stressful time for Cheri’s family. Cheri Hudson Passey, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers:

Saying Goodbye Too Soon by Cheri Hudson Passey on Worldwide Genealogy – A Genealogical Collaboration



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